Beautiful & sustainable toys that inspire creative, screen-free play.

Cardkits are created by Anther Kiley, a designer and educator in Providence, RI. Inspired by Anther’s own childhood creations, and informed by a practice spanning design, education, and play, Cardkits are designed and produced with careful attention to quality, environmental impact, and the play experiences they facilitate.

Cardkits are designed, manufactured, and packaged at local scale, in Rhode Island. The kits are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced paper, and are 100% recyclable.

Exploring the world
through play

Cardkits are inspired by the elaborate toy worlds that Anther created as a child. Raised in 
an artistic family and with few commercial toys (and no digital screens!), Anther started making his own toys out of paper when he was around nine years old. Eventually he’d created an entire miniature world, inspired by places he visited on family trips to Europe, and inhabited by clay fish figures. “Fish World” became an inspiring place where Anther could engage the world in miniature, in ways that were creative and empowering.

Like “Fish World,” Cardkits create beautiful and engaging analog environments that invite kids (or anyone!) to explore the world through play.

Cardkits have grown with the support of residencies and fellowships at Mighty Tieton and the Design Office, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and a generous grant from the city of Providence. The toys have been exhibited in gallery shows, met with enthusiasm at workshops and book fairs, and recieved praise in Dezeen, Apartment Therapy, Curbed, The Boston Globe Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and other publications.

Cardkits are available from this website and from select gift shops and museum stores.